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Finding Land: Space For Growing Food (England)

An advisory document aimed at inspiring communities to find disused green spaces for food growing, written by the Department for Communities and Local Government. The guide gives local people practical advice on new ways to get access to less conventional sources of land and green space to grow their own food as well as suggestions for wider community involvement, helpful tips on how to get funding and examples of projects already in bloom.


News: Government Guide on Space For Food Growing

A new advisory document aimed at inspiring communities to find disused green spaces for food growing, featuring a number of FCFCG-created case studies, has been launched by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

A recent survey revealed that nearly two thirds of adults want to grow their own food. However, it is increasingly difficult as local authority allotments are significantly oversubscribed - with waiting lists over ten times longer than those in 1996.


Useful Link: Asset Transfer Unit

The Asset Transfer Unit (ATU) is part of Locality and was established to promote and support community asset transfer. Put simply, asset transfer is a shift in management and/or ownership of land or buildings, from public bodies, (most commonly local authorities), to communities, (community and voluntary sector groups, community enterprises, social enterprises, etc).


CLAS Advisory: What Landowners Want From Land Users

Landowners may be more willing to offer land to your group if you can demonstrate that you are able to act on a potential landowner's main needs, aims and concerns.  Finding out what these key needs, aims and concerns are will help you when negotiating with the landowner.  The following Advisory document, written by CLAS, gives more information on this important topic.

What Landowners Want From Land Users



Funding: DCLG Briefing on Potential Funding To Find Land

Department for Communities and Local Government document which sets out the potential funding available to community and voluntary organisations for community green space initiatives. The aim is to identify the different grant schemes open to local groups, green spaces, allotment organisations or trusts, and also where to go to get help when looking for funding. Some of this funding may be applicable for both new and established groups looking to find land.


Finding Land: Briefing Sheet For Landseekers

Somerset Community Food, is a grass-roots charity in Somerset which aims to re-connect people with the social, health and environmental effects of growing, buying, preparing and eating local food. It has produced a briefing sheet which gives tips on finding land for food growing.

Briefing Sheet For Landseekers



Leases: Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995

This piece of legislation is important to know about, as it is the basis of tenancy agreements if the land is being used for a business:

Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995



Leases: Landlord & Tenant Act 1954

Useful document to know about, which covers the main law on landlord and tenant relationships.

Landlord & Tenant Act 1954



Offering Land: Land Partnerships Handbook

This handbook is aimed primarily at landowners and land based 'businesses' including communtiy growing projects and CSAs. It describes a new approach to help landowners parcel out land and buildings on which ‘land entrepreneurs’ can establish new, independent businesses.

The approach places strong emphasis on the process of forming and maintaining sound business-to-business relationships. It deals mostly with farming land, but contains a good structure for process of taking land on and an excellent top 10 list of things that landowners are looking for from potential land leasers.


Useful Link: Urban Fringe Food Report

A Making Local Food Work report outlining a range of issues for urban fringe food production. Concerned with commercial scale production but also covers community participation with an excellent section on planning issues and land access.

Urban Fringe Food Report




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