Community asset status tough for green spaces

Around half of applications to list a green space as an asset of community value (ACV) have failed, according to analysis by Development Control Services (DCS), which looked at 134 English local planning authorities to see which assets local people had asked to be registered and which were given the status.

It found that authorities approved 43 assets termed "outdoor spaces and recreation", 36 "open spaces" and 12 "allotments", while applications to list 22 open spaces and one each of outdoor sports and recreation and allotments were rejected. Applications for a further two allotments, three open spaces and one outdoor sports and recreation were subsequently withdrawn.

Pubs are most likely to get approval - 88 per cent - with libraries not far behind. But only about 50 per cent of open spaces are given the status. The average approval rate was 79 per cent.

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