Finding Land: Space For Growing Food (England)

An advisory document aimed at inspiring communities to find disused green spaces for food growing, written by the Department for Communities and Local Government. The guide gives local people practical advice on new ways to get access to less conventional sources of land and green space to grow their own food as well as suggestions for wider community involvement, helpful tips on how to get funding and examples of projects already in bloom.

It is aimed both at community groups that might be looking for land to start their food growing project or trying to find new ways to encourage people to get involved in their existing scheme and at individuals who might be interested in growing their own food but are not sure whether to wait for a local authority allotment or continue their search elsewhere.

The guidance can also be used by voluntary groups trying to decide what activities might suit their client base or by individuals who have yet to be convinced that food growing is really for them. The guide provides links to sources of further advice and guidance and also to more detailed information on where to go to get funding or to learn from established projects.

Space for Food Growing




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