Planning: Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations

If you are considering a new community growing project, or expanding your current project, you may need to do an Environmental Impact Assessment, particularly if this is on previously uncultivated or semi-natural areas, or projects that physically alter rural land holdings.

Projects on uncultivated land, or semi-natural areas that increase its productivity for agriculture. The types of work covered will include

  • increasing levels of fertiliser or soil improvers
  • sowing seed
  • physically cultivating the soil (by ploughing, tine harrowing, rotovating etc)
  • draining land
  • clearing existing vegetation either physically or using herbicides.

Projects that physically restructure rural land holdings. This includes:

  • the addition or removal of field boundaries
  • recontouring the land through addition, removal or redistribution of earth or other material.

Natural England have produced a useful guide to the regulations: Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations.




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