Contaminated Land Guidance

A new guide for community gardeners and allotment holders, offering information about growing food on land that may be contaminated, has been launched by the Grow Your Own Working Group in Scotland, in response to an increasing demand from community groups. The information is aimed at groups in Scotland, but is also a useful base guide for other areas of the UK including England and Wales

The resource focuses on what to do about sites which could be contaminated through past use and is aimed at community gardens, allotments and other growing spaces. It details the steps needed to determine if land is suitable to grow food, illustrates methods to mitigate contamination, provides case studies of techniques that groups have used to overcome the issue and signposts to specialist agencies.

The information in the guide will also be useful starting point for landowners, local authority officers and people supporting groups that want to grow on potentially contaminated land. A pdf copy of the guide can be downloaded from the Grow Your Own Working Group website. Printed copies are also available by contacting the FCFCG via: or tel: 0131 623 7058.



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