Buying Land

Buying Land Overview: Start Here!

This paper seeks to give you a brief overview of the implications of buying land. It outlines ways to finance the purchase and goes through the buying process, what you get and the additional costs involved. Use the link below to download the document:

Buying Land Overview: Start Here




Case Study: Talgarth Mill, Wales

An innovative land purchase by a Community Interest Company has given a unique, community-run flour mill space for gardening at a peppercorn rent.


Pros and Cons of taking on extra land

Successful groups who have done a good job with a project frequently find that they are offered additional sites to work their magic on.  We often find that these groups feel obliged to say yes to the extra land but with hindsight they wished they had said no!

The aim of this guidance is to support you through this decision process, giving you points to consider so you can decide whether  your group should say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to taking on extra land.


Buying Land Checklist

PLEASE NOTE: If you are considering purchasing land for a community growing project, then please read the Buying Land Overview Document first.


Case Study: Whistlewood Common, Derbyshire

A group in Melbourne, Derbyshire have launched a community share offer to buy 10 acres of former market garden land to create Whistlewood Common, which will be used for food production and associated uses. The project’s aim is to create a productive landscape where every plant, shrub and tree is edible or otherwise useful to the local community.


Buying Land: Benefits & Challenges For Community Growing Groups

Though the great majority of community growing groups are better off renting their site from a landowner, buying land can be a great solution for a small number of groups in specific circumstances. Below is a brief overview of some of the reasons to buy and some of the challenges that arise with land purchase. It is worth contemplating these as part of your decision-making process.


Buying Land

While leasing land is still the main way that community growing groups and landowners work together, buying land is increasingly being considered as an alternative option for some types of community organisations or land uses.

The Community Land Advisory Service is building up a portfolio of information resources on buying land for community growing. Start by looking at the following (click on the links):


Buying Land: Community Owned Farms

This document has useful information, based on the experience of Fordhall Community Land Initiative in Shropshire, about buying land, tenancy issues etc

Setting Up And Running A Community Owned Farm


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