Leases: Flowchart for Lease Type

The Community Land Advisory Service has created a flowchart to guide you to find the right type of lease or licence for your particular project or interest.

Simply download the document, choose which category best suits your group or situation and then answer the questions. You will be led through to a type of lease or licence - click on the link in the box to be taken to the right page on the website.

Lease Type Flowchart



Leases: Heads of Terms Template (England & Wales)

Lease requirements (also known as ‘Heads of Terms’) are the foundations of any property contract. The Lease Requirements/Heads of Terms document is a record of decisions that have been agreed between the parties (landlord and community group) and can be used to draw up a lease or other such document that reflects the decisions made. It is also a useful tool to focus your ideas on how the project will function.


Offering Land Overview: Start Here!


Start here for an overview and introduction to the topic - Offering Land. This document is aimed primarily at landowners and land managers who may be thinking of offering land for use by community growing groups. CLAS has been set up to help landowners understand the potential benefits of community land use and to support them with advice and information around some of the challenges. To read the overview, simply click the document link below:


Cwestiynau Cyffredin – Perchnogion tir

Mae’r Cwestiynau Cyffredin hyn yn trafod materion yn ymwneud â defnydd cymunedol ar dir a byddant o ddiddordeb i berchnogion tir preifat, cynghorau lleol, busnesau a sefydliadau. Gallwch lawrlwytho dogfen y Cwestiynau Cyffredin gan ddefnyddio’r ddolen isod.

Perchnogion Tir: Cwestiynau Cyffredin (Fersiwn Cymru a Lloegr)


Guidance: Farm Diversification & Community Growing

Using land for community food or fruit growing schemes is a small but growing trend among innovative farmers, who recognise the potential for both personal and financial rewards, as well as a sense of supporting the wider locality.

What is community growing? Put simply, it’s a generic term that covers many different activities but all involving local people coming together – usually as part of a small, volunteer-led groups - to take part in cultivation.


Guidance for Registered Social Landlords

This guidance is aimed at Registered Social Landlords such as housing associations which may want to get involved in community gardening or design community gardens or allotments into their plans. It is intended as a primer to help RSLs understand the needs and benefits of community growing and draws on examples of current housing-led community growing projects and explains how each has been developed.


Using Land Registry to Find Land Owner

The Land Registry records property ownership and rights in England and Wales. It can be used to find the owner of a piece of land. It has an online search portal allowing users to find details about land ownership in England and Wales. This is a paid-for service, but you can find valuable information. Download the document using the link below: 

Using Land Registry To Find A Land Owner



Case Study: Hanley Landshare, Chepstow

Hanley Landshare is a community allotment site on an organic dairy farm outside Chepstow. Set up in 2011, the site has 19 individual plots plus a shared vegetable garden run by Transition Chepstow. A farm shop has been set up this year, which plot-holders supply with 10% of their produce.


Landowners: Process For Offering Land

This generic guide takes landowners through the process involved in allowing a community garden to set up operation on your land. It gives landowners a broad step-by-step process and links to useful information resources created by CLAS. However, it is important to bear in mind that this is an example and different circumstances and different groups may require variations on this process.

Offering Land Process for Landowners


Landowners: Guide For Landowners

This guide aims to encourage Scotland’s landowners to make more land available for community growing provide key information on issues such as site suitability, leases, planning and land use and the law.



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